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Sneakers Ships to catch the ball machine update internal shoes! 2016-06-08 14:45:45 , a former Ming called sneakers Ships's shoe shop on their own store grasping dolls in shoes were updated, adding Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 12 "Bred" at the same time, there is Nike Air Yeezy machine and Adidas Yeezy series. So the test of luck, absolutely need personality burst ah. It is learned that the day two friends were used 15 and 20 dollars successfully got Air Jordan 12 "Bred"". Air Jordan 1 Mid Black / red color of the new tour 2014-02-24 21:00:36 last weekend, at the end of the heavy engraved works Jordan 1 Retro Air "Bred" caused the global shoe fans berserk, due to the sale of a limited number, I believe many of my friends have failed to start. The day before, Jordan Brand also launched a Air Jordan 1 Mid new black / red color, although far less than the Air Jordan 1 Retro classic degree; "Bred", but do not know whether this shoe will be the second best choice? It is reported that this Air Jordan 1 Mid Black / red color matching is now in the major counters and designated stores shelves.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? The world's jordans on sale online second-largest sporting goods suppliers in Germany, Adidas (adidas) CEO Herbert Hainer (Herbert Hainer) told the Economic Observer in an interview with reporters, Adidas did not like the earlier media reports above, part of the production line will withdraw from China. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "We will not be reduced, on the contrary, we will increase investment in production in China." Heiner said. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Previously there have been media reports in Germany and China, Adidas plans to move into the Southeast part of the production facility in China, in order to circumvent China due to the human resources, raw materials, transportation and other costs rise bring earnings pressure, as well as exchange rate and other financial risks. According to the German "Daily Mirror Edition Sunday" reported that the German engineering association estimates that in China there are about 1600 of the German company, which is now 1/5 intention to withdraw from the Chinese market. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; China Adidas largest production base, 53% of Adidas products produced in China. An official materials provided by the company, s jordan 3 katrina 2018 aid China Adidas most important procurement markets, so far China has 264 factories in the form of OEM become adidas Group supplier, 2007 Adidas purchased 201 million pairs in the Chinese market shoes, accounting for 49% of total global sourcing; 252 million sets of clothing, accounting for 32 of the total procurement; 39 million sets of parts, accounting for 65% of total global sourcing. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; therefore, people have enough to worry about Adidas evacuation would bring China's enormous impact related industries, and create employment pressure. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; But Heiner think about Adi evacuation China it is a misunderstanding. "I am pleased to have this opportunity to clarify to the public, we do not intend to pull out of China." He told reporters, Adidas really intends to increase investment in other parts of the world. Energy growing: he admitted that Adidas in China is facing pressure of rising costs; "This is our global development plan instead of no longer optimistic about the Chinese market.." & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp costs, strict environmental policy, is no longer favorable tax policy, lack of jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black skilled workers and the RMB against the US dollar strong. Moreover, China's inflation rate of 8% in the past year has pushed up labor costs by 20%. But Hainer believes that "these circumstances are the same all over the world, the situation in which China is relatively reassuring." He believes that rely on Adidas mature supply chain management experience can improve efficiency, to offset cost pressures. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ". Compared to the rest of the world, we produce in China's investment growth rate will be slower, because it is already the world's largest production base for us." So it can be expected, "proportion of China in the world's total production capacity will be reduced accounts." However, "absolute numbers must be growth, we do not intend to withdraw any production line."0.jpg (167.93 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-10 19:13 upload 1.jpg (263.49 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-10 19:13 upload 2.jpg (497.73 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-10 19:13 upload 3.jpg (260.35 KB, do cheap air jordans wnload number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-10 19:13 upload 4.jpg (490.58 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-10 19:13 upload 5.jpg (264.14 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-10 19:13 upload 6.jpg (478.07 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-10 19:13 upload 7.jpg (283.2 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-10 19:13 upload 8.jpg (376.62 KB, download number: 0) download save to photo album vans-2015-summer-old-skool-collection.JPG (77.49 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-7 upload at 16:15 vans-2015-summer-old-skool-collection-1.jpg (123.47 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-7 upload at 16:15 vans-2015-summer-old-skool-collection-2.jpg (130.86 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-7 upload at 16:16 vans-2015-summer-old-skool-collection-3.jpg (103.12 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-7 upload at 16:1 cheap foamposites 6 vans-2015-summer-old-skool-collection-4.jpg (130.83 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-7 upload at 16:16 vans-2015-summer-old-skool-collection-5.jpg (81.1 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-7 upload at 16:16 vans-2015-summer-old-skool-collection-6.jpg (88.85 KB, download times: 0) 〉A few days ago to join Reebok's classic shoes Ventilator and Footpatrol expand joint cooperation, the designer in the 1990s inspired the rage of aerobics, towels and leather combination of materials constituting the body of the shoe, the details of the use of red and aqua modification, the tongue of the embroidery Branded Logo, indicating the theme of cooperation between the two sides, the overall emitting a strong retro flavor. It is reported that the shoe has landed designated shops for sale, priced at 110 pounds, and interested friends may wish to look it. Air Jordan 1 Retro "Bred" The latest figure reward 2014-02-24 20:59:18 The & nbsp; Air Jordan 1 "Bred" in the advent of the beginning, as the first paragraph so conspicuous color, at the time was NBA commissioner Da Retro jordans for sale vid Stern banned wearing, Nike aspects but rather pay expensive fines also Jordan still insist on wearing this color in the game, thus opening the Air Jordan Sneaker series on the history of the great chapter. 28th of this month, this very historic & nbsp; Air Jordan 1 & nbsp; "Bred" will once again heavy engraved, I think we will definitely turn off berserk scene. Nike WMNS Air Max 90 new colors clear exposure and marketed according to information 2013-12-08 22:42:30 This pair of network exposure recently in gray / black / purple / yellow color new Nike WMNS Air Max 90, with clever use of new colors, make this pair Nike WMNS Air Max 90 has become an excellent choice for the winter in girls. At present this new color of Nike WMNS Air Max 90 has exposed a clear picture and commercial information, like the girls can continue to focus on. Nike WMNS Air Max 90 Num: 325213-025 expected release date: 12/2012 Air Jordan 11 Low "Bred" individual customized version if you enjoy 2013-12-08 22:51:17 fantasy Jordan Brand can help launch a low version of the Air Jordan 11 black and red? Recently JWDanklefs lover air jordan 11 space jam for sale s to take advantage of customized sneakers Air Jordan 11 black and has just been launched and sweltering opportunity unfinished, it introduced a Air Jordan 11 Low "Bred" personal customized version, a lot of people this dream into a reality. We can see from the picture, the whole high and high-top shoes original version of the proximity, with a full sense of elegant luxury of Air Jordan.adidas Originals and Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons anticipated launch of a joint series has finally officially on sale in six months after initial exposure. Adidas dispatched features model Terrex, Response and Ozweego, this caused great concern back seven pairs of sneakers are made of dark blue as the main theme, and each decorated with golden, green, purple detail. As for design, you have been playing a material impact, by the multi-color mesh, fabric, bright skin, synthetic paneling, and silicone bubble-shaped member when exposed to light will change color to mix and match to create a unique look and feel and avant-garde sense of technology, adding three shoes excellent performance, both real wear, but also into the Raf Simons brings fash buy cheap jordans online ion spirit. Priced at & pound; 249 pounds (approximately HK $ 2,924) and & pound; 265 pounds (about HK $ 3,112), like the shoes fans, please log EndCLOThing purchase. & nbsp;[Chinese shoes Network] of the 18th century, the German chemist MH carat Preuss found in the study of rutile titanium. After numerous tests, he decided to giant Titan (Titan) in the name of Greek mythology courage to name this as diamond-like tenacity tough, more natural than pure platinum precious metals. and titanium, as Ron Artest Among the stars in the NBA is a rare breed. In the game, he is courage, both offensive and defensive Stadium beast. In life, he was public-spirited, chivalrous man Rouchang model. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; As the characteristics of titanium and into gold, the quality of the more kin. Artest and Pick Yijiejinlan, forged alloy tool a king Whip combined with the generosity of the shoe as it were interpretation of the "Thai" golden kingly beast. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Artest generation", is the latest boots Pick agency for the Houston Rockets star Ron Artest design aimed at helping Taisi Special continue beyond the peak: & nb Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale sp; & nbsp; & nbsp; simple atmospheric shoe design: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; splicing Artest generation of red and white vamp, like the Cadillac Escalade body, like the interpretation of the diamond cutting Fengrui distinguished texture, as Ron's feet provides the core support multiple angles. Shoes I like the bumper of the vehicle body wrapping process before the ankle firmly locked, so Artest in the game can be free to freely sway. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from the side, has been extended to toe serpentine leather material, such as cross river locks at the same time further strengthening the shoe body, the deadly killer Artest's wild temperament revealed exhaustive. Burst of red granite at the upper lines and metal feeling full of Olympic Logo seamless, the rock-solid Artest Bizhang fiery temperament and passion, most vividly. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; vamps, 15 holes such as crown-like segments, reflecting the designer's imaginative. In the inside of the tongue and ankle, the use of Lycra material provides unparalleled soft touch. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Thatcher cushioning and support: & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to improve d jordans on sale mens amping and supportive shoes on, Pick the designer has taken great pains. Under the side of the shoe serpentine material, the former palm to heel thickness was progressive white damping rubber outsole, coupled with massage before the ball high density rear damping rubber insoles, in both the rapid start while intense Grabbing brought shock to a minimum. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Not only that, taking into account the comparable Artest and LeBron James as the weight throw open the doors of the Tough style, designers deliberately damping rubber outsole in white on , add another layer of red EVA cushioning rubber ring, let Artest can afford to fly or land. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; on top of this layer of red damping rubber, followed by a silver-plated TPU material composed of reinforcement designed to ensure Artest in the basket can be more flexible and rapid turn, Artest exclusive three-dimensional Logo highlights the "beast" man guards the pass, Wan Fu Mo open spirit of the king. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from the front of the tongue extending to the ankles hidden quick lace system, stitching uppers supporting force set at one point, with the arch portion independent of serpentinite material, greatly enhance the shoes of protection, to avoid valgus feet when violent confrontation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in the middle of the tongue, the word X-CELU Artest himself repeatedly stressed the need to integrate his personal agency in sneakers important element, X-CELU is Ron King period in effect on the financing of a public service university is short, drip detail interpretation of the "beast" of tenderness. X-type on the hard rubber outsole, with special significance; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp: & nbsp; & nbsp;; & nbsp unique outsole asymmetrical design with traditional water wave lines consisting of the practicality and the perfect combination of the star's personal style. X-type lines to help in the defense of Artest lateral movement is more rapid in place, the water ripples is to ensure the stability of grip when violent confrontation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; help point circular rotating shaft inside the forefoot, the sole requirement is based on force rather special preparation, and can increase the boot capacity and resilience to multi-directional shoes . & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; TPU plate silver arch, to ensure the conduction footwork during power does not lag. XCEL-U logo and rear Olympic Logo each other, meaning the Olympic teamed with Ron Artest, like Pijianzhirui of "Thai" golden beast, on a new journey in invincible.Recently, Adidas EQT Racing'93 continues to be popular, with its retro styling has been widespread concern! The day before the brand is ushered in the first year of our color, green cloth shoes with a lightweight uppers, white and red dotted details, showing a full-bodied youth for us, and in the retro rage today, its appearance is greatly enriched the market, it is reported that the first landing shoes now the North American market, priced at $100. Nike Air Max Ultra SE "Triple Black" four new series 2016-11-17 11:22:33 together Nike's classic Air Max shoes model will usher in "Triple Black" color design update, this group of Air Max Ultra SE shoes series includes Air Max 1, Air Max 90, Air Max BW and Air Max 95 and other styles, YISHION black back to the stage again. At present, the new design will be limited to the Nike official SNKRS, priced at 170 to 200 U.S. dollars, the feelings of friends may wish to pay attention to.UNMARKED 2013 new 2013-12-08 23:19:58 Mexico shoe brand UNMARKED recently released two new summer products in 2013. This new series contains Zarache and Concho two type of shoes, in addition to the quality of the leather shoes, the designer is used to replace the previous manual. Goodyear suture welt seam is stronger in the bottom of the technology, but also improve the appearance of the. It is worth mentioning that each shoe is made by hand, and it costs 36 hours to make a pair of shoes, so the fineness of the shoes can be seen. adidas Originals NMD XR1 2017-07-04 11:59:50 soon discovered Silver recently, Adidas, which is exposed by foreign media, will launch Adidas Originals NMD XR1 "Silver BOOST". According to the picture, the whole shoes are penetrated by silver, together with shoelaces, middle bottom stable blocks, side brackets and the bottom are all silver. All silver gives these shoes a strong sense of the future. Unfortunately, the official has not issued any release information, interested friends, please continue to pay attention to our reports.