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General Administration of Customs 11 released the first 8 months of this year China's foreign trade import and export situation. According to customs statistics, 1-8 months of this year, China's foreign trade import and export value of $1 trillion and 369 billion 710 million, compared with the same period last year (the same below) an increase of 24%; of which exports $765 billion 730 million, an increase of 27.7%, down 0.9 percentage point more than 1-7 months; imports of $603 billion 980 million, an increase of 19.6%, 0.1 percentage points higher than 1-7 months. Show started in the manufacturing sector, Dongguan enterprises relocated, closed public opinion, at the beginning of the year, as the cold wind spread rapidly. In this "cold wave" under attack, the Pearl River Delta's prospects for development, once again become a hot topic at home and abroad. Especially before the American "Wall Street journal" on the thousands of Pearl River Delta factories this year will close down the news, once again attracted the attention of all walks of life. in the propaganda work of Dongguan city the day before the convening of the meeting, the Dongguan municipal Party committee secretary Liu Zhigeng for some time ago the Internet "Dongguan Taiwan ran more than 500" argument to be denied a clear: "this is not true". in the past two months, Dongguan has been in the Pearl River Delta enterprise relocation closed vortex center of public opinion, whether it is the city of Dongguan leather footwear association secretary general Huang Chunming is the Asia Footwear Association Secretary General Li Peng, or Dongguan City Economic and Trade Bureau of the Department of enterprise jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black to promote the yuan Zhijian, have recently received a lot of visitors. Some of these visitors come from banks and securities firms, some media reporters, and industry associations. Their concern is only one: how many enterprises are moving out of Dongguan? canceled two hundred or three hundred shoe factories every year, very normal Yuan Zhijian said that in recent years, due to rising labor costs, land and power supply, coupled with the impact of a series of national policy adjustments and other factors, Dongguan appeared a few enterprises transfer phenomenon, mainly in some specific industries (such as labor intensive industry) and part of the tense land area. it is understood that the most popular topic about the transfer of labor-intensive enterprises is the rumor about the shoe-making enterprises. It is said that since October last year, Dongguan shoes, furniture and other traditional enterprises, there have been few large withdrawal. In the first three quarters of 2007, about 1000 shoe factories and related enterprises were closed or relocated in Guangdong, while hundreds of shoe factories in Dongguan were closed down. 's focus on the issue is the closure of the shoe factory. In December 20th last year, a Taiwan funded enterprise with a population of nearly 4000 employees, located in Tai Tong Village, Dongguan Dongcheng main management area, stopped operations and paid about 40000000 yuan for employees. on the Internet to see the relocation of enterprises in Dongguan news, Huang Chunming was shocked. In order to grasp more accurate information, he specially went to Dongguan city industry and Commerce Bureau to understand the situation. Dongguan industry and Commer foamposites for cheap ce Bureau data show that in 2006, Dongguan opened and canceled the number of shoe factories were 883 and 346, and in 2007 the number of shoes opened and canceled were 501 and 289. By 2007, there were 4404 shoe factories in Dongguan. Seeing these data, Huang Chunming breathed a sigh of relief, he believes that, relative to the total number of more than 4000 shoe factories, the annual cancellation of two hundred or three hundred is normal. , in Li Peng's view, there is no need to make a fuss about such a result. At present, these closed shoe factories and related supporting enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and there are many small factories with only dozens of workersAlmost every day, you can learn about a brand new design Nike Air VaporMax, which proves the brand's preferences and hopes. In addition to Edison Chan, which stunning CLOT x Nike Air VaporMax, Nike also released a intoxicating Magenta color for this paragraph. It is wrapped in wine red Flyknit, flanked by pink Swoosh, and finally shipped with black VaporMax innovations. nike-air-vapormax-magenta-1.jpg (263.62 KB, download times: 4) download attachment Nike Air VaporMax Magenta 2017-6-21 08:21 uploads , Nike, Air, VaporMax, Magenta 00 : : ; the people's Bank of China announced at the weekend that the fluctuation of the RMB to us dollar trading price rose from 0.5% to 1% from yesterday. In the amplitude of the first day of expansion, China foreign exchange trading center data show that the central parity of RMB against the U.S. dollar to 6.2960 yuan yesterday, compared with the previous trading day down 81 basis points. although unilateral RMB appreciation trend or come to cheap air jordans online an end, but for a large number of Sichuan shoe enterprises, the impact of exchange change brings still can not be overlooked. Bank of Communications (601328, shares) chief economist Lian Ping pointed out that the short term).classic reproduction adidas Originals and Run DMC Run DMC x again, launched Adidas Originals Ultrastar 80s, the body of the shoe with suede, tongue still has the classic logo Run DMC words, tongue edge and Adidas Originals three line sign to snake ornament, but also equipped with a classic shell toe in bottom, will set off a boom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- once again teamed up with CLOT x FRANK151 2014 joint T-shirt series New Balance M530 summer will deposit a new color shoes high power grid presents Moleskine 2014 Summer "White is the New Black" notebook World Cup thematic planning / want to wave through the world cup 26 intimate keywords World Cup thematic planning / explosion of exotic hair to - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Navy stripes aren't your food yet?! dating necessary! The hottest slipper matches the stockings! 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It is reported that the shoes will be sold in early autumn, interested friends may wish to pay attention to the next. 〈br purple="" blue="" color="" bodege="" x="" saucony="" elite="" unique="" style="" g9="" series="" 2013-12-08="" 22:27:34Saucony Elite is one of the United States' old Saucony Japanese branch brand, compared with the classic design of Saucony, Saucony Elite can always launch more than its more fashionable shoes. Recently Saucony Elite teamed up with Boston well-known shoe store Bodega released a purple and blue with a Shadow 6000 cheap air jordans color version of this series of shoes, the most notable is the color of the use of each pair of shoes are can rise above the common herd, many people exercise purple and blue collocation, add white, brown etc. A series of ornament to create a variety of out of the ordinary shoes.most classic traditional heritage movement, released the GAZON series LACOSTE shoes before you perform a summer day before playing music. As LACOSTE's flagship product this season, GAZON's shoes are inspired by the design of the brand since its creation, extending the aesthetic core of the design more than 80 years ago and infusing it into more fashionable elements. Visual design bold solid let LACOSTE this season and modern leisure style, dynamic; the choice of fabric, breathable and comfortable canvas material is fresh summer elements available, compared to previous season's shoes, men's shoes made of GAZON series modified materials create new styles, splicing and the lively and simple pattern lines, with a modern interpretation of the LACOSTE element exclusive brand essence. The combination of the cortex and the cloth makes the dress more stylish; while the female continues the same color philosophy, the triangle elements and the cool and warm tones, they form the indispensable vitality of the summer. The day before the LACOSTE summer GAZON shoes have logged on the gate shop on sale, interested friends may pay more attention to. unknowingly, adidas has announced cooperation with Rick Owens for two years, and its release of a range of single products has become one of the well-known fashion tools in the world. The release of Fox Orange and Earth Green two new color matching Adidas Rick Owens Runner. cheap jordans for sale Needless to say, the uppers are made of top quality leather and carefully woven nylon fabric, complemented by leather rope laces. The Earth Green color is dominated by deep algae color, echoing with a white leather wrapped sponge heel, with green laces and outsole. Fox Orange with orange main tune to create a sense of shoes, with a large white background presentation. Two colors in the match are very plastic, interested friends must not miss, and now can be purchased on the wish online store, the price of $705., as a descendant of the Chinese and the descendants of the dragon and the dragon, has been of special significance for the Chinese people in the year of the dragon. To this end, specially in the year of the Dragon Li Ning Co as the theme, to create four new special edition basketball shoes, "shoes" to add auspicious gas as the year of the dragon. the four "dragon boots" were the Toronto Raptors player Jose Lining Calderon to create the "escape" series of heroes of the Dragon Special Edition, New York Nicks players - Davies Lining Barron to create "Crazy" series of heroes of the Dragon Special Edition, and the blue and white Philadelphia 76 players Evan Turner to create Lining "Yi" series of rotary machine 001, the year of the Dragon robes special edition of porcelain. in January 14, 2012, the above four Dragon boots will be synchronized at the DEAL store in Beijing and the Colour store in Tianjin, each with a limit of 44 pairs. At the end of the year the sale of Air First look at the 1) package area patent is significantly larger. The black gloss effect is also more prominent, occupy more attention 3) with a blue crystal outsole 4) followed by a back number changed to 45, and embroidery. There is not offset before 23, this element is also the Michael Jordan NBA, Space Jam and the time involved in the shooting into one 5) details of the blue hue, and the outer end of the Jumpman Logo color is also differentDate: 2016-1-14 fan commissioning editor: HD: Nike launched 2016 series of black history month Serena Williams (Serena Williams)'s unremitting pursuit of transcendence allows her to break the record and redefine the tennis game. Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant) scored a stunning 81 point for Losangeles in the 2006 game. Sonya Richards (Sanya Richards-Ross) won the 400 meter sprint track and field gold medal. Chris Paul (Chris Paul) has made various efforts in the field for the development of the black community. As the elites in their respective fields, they rewrote history with outstanding performance and promoted the development of black communities. They are also the inspiration source behind Nike 2016 theme series of black history. Photos: Marbury signature new boots March 12, 2012 night at eight forty, CBA star Stephen Marbury (Stephon Marbury) will join the Central People's Broadcasting Station CNR shopping television channel first Marbury basketball shoes, happy price 398 yuan. At that time, Marbury will come to the broadcast scene and share his shoes with everyone! The basketball shoes sold in the Yangguang shopping TV channel are given to Marbury's star card with his own signature. since the beginning of the NBA ball endorsement sneakers, the price of signature shoes has always been on the high side, but CHAMPCAR is not playing the cards properly. The price of CHAMPCAR products is much lower than that of some big brands. It is understood that this is because Marbury Brook from New York forest, as his family was poor, so he knew growth in children can not afford to buy the high price of shoes, he will have a high quality and inexpensive production for these kids basketball shoes, to help them achieve their dreams. The price of 398 yuan in basketball shoes is far lower than the price of internationally famous brands and some domestic brands, and its excellent performance is comparable to that of price shoes. learned that "old horse" participated in the design of the shoe's appearance personally, and asked the market promotion of the sneakers in person. Almost all sports shoes were done by their own. Marbury's logo is printed on the front, side, and back of the shoes. The black color to the fans of the infinite imagination. in terms of technology, compared to the same cushioning shoes, uppers parts for imitation snakeskin texture design, improve the stability of the game, to bring you the top performance and wearing feeling. In order to ensure the best grip, "back" and the word of sole pattern, with a hard rubber outsole, inspired by the snake, allowing you to easily change direction, sliding action. It can be said that this pair of shoes is full of "old horse"'s efforts, plus the guarantee of the central broadcasting station's central Canton Shopping, and I believe we will be trusted and loved by everyone. central broadcasting station's CNTV shopping channel, relying on the 70 years of Yangguang's profound implication, aims at "I want me to be happy", serving the whole nation's consumers. At present, the Yangguang shopping in the 71 cities of the country is happily launched, covering 35 million users, and has 50 million members. The central Canton shopping will not only give consumers more benefits, but also guarantee the quality of consumers. Consumer reservations can be made by calling the central and Guangzhou shopping happy hotline 4008-518-518 or on the central shopping website. 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